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Where Digital and Mobile Meet

Since the early days of the telephone, calls, mostly in the form of cold calling, have been a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal. The importance of calls saw a drop with the rise in popularity of online advertising, but now that we’ve entered the reign of smartphones, calls are back and they’re more important than ever!


Getting the Best Out of Your Sales Calls

One of the most exciting opportunities provided by online marketing back in the days of its first baby steps were the innovative result tracking options available. No longer did you have to ponder about which part – the billboards, the postcards, the calls or the TV ads – brought in the customers. The idea of seeing exactly what every cent spent has got you back is one of the biggest achievements in modern marketing.


Call tracking combines this ideology with good old-fashioned live marketing via phone. Taking the value of real customer-to-seller interaction and adding the detailed analysis and statistical methods employed in online marketing, you get an easily manageable and trackable marketing method with a huge return of investment. With call tracking, you can easily determine the length of incoming calls, their point of origin, and conversion rate. This lets you perform a detailed analysis of the performance of your phone advertising, as well as the success rate of your phone operators.


Demystify Call Tracking with Sozialia LLC

The true value of call tracking lies within the ability to quantitatively assess and analyze the performance of your smartphone ads, generate new strategies and polish your sales funnel to perfection to ensure the maximum ROI.


Here at Sozialia LLC we specialize in delivering custom-fit and easy-to-use solutions for call tracking and analysis. Our extensive reports will show you exactly where your call traffic is coming from, and how well your phone operators handled closing the deal. In other words, we’ll give you all the tools you need to take your phone advertising strategy to a whole new level.

Make the most out of your advertising campaign with call tracking!

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