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When Saying It Once Doesn’t Cut It

Convincing someone to sign up for your offer is a challenge enough, but consider the task of persuading a prospect who has already declined. A true marketer is characterized by relentlessness, and no wonder they say that if a door gets closed in front of a salesman, they’ll find a window through which to enter. The same analogy works in the online marketplace – if you want to maximize your profit, you have to assert the value of your offer as many times as it takes to turn a prospect into a client.


Staying in the Spotlight

A relatively new marketing method made possible by modern computer technologies is retargeting, which, as the name suggests, puts your offer in the minds of your prospects again and again, until they finally realize it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for. The process of retargeting is simple – those visitors that bounce off your site are followed around the Web through the use of small non-obtrusive cookies. They are then shown your display ads on various sites, bringing them back to your website once more, only this time turning them into actual clients.


The real value of retargeting lies within the fact that it focuses on people who have already visited your site – which means they are already interested, and all they need is a little extra push. What’s more, retargeting take into account the browsing habits of the prospect, ensuring that the ads shown are highly targeted.


Unlock the True Potential of Retargeting with Sozialia LLC

In order for retargeting work properly, a lot of variables need to be considered in order to ensure your retargeted ads provide value and are enticing, not obtrusive. This takes careful segmentation of the audience and customized approach to each of the groups, as well as compelling calls to action and clear value statements.


Lucky for you, here at Sozialia LLC we know exactly how to do these things. We utilize the best retargeting practices, ensuring that visitors who bounce off your site on the first visit are soon lured back in with an enticing ad that hits the nail on the head.

Stop losing clients and let your voice be heard with Sozialia LLC!

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