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How to Find New Customers Using LinkedIn - Sozialia
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How to Find New Customers Using LinkedIn

how to find new customers using Linkedin


LinkedIn is no longer just another job-related social network. Used by all professionals across varying industries, it allows users to showcase their authority on certain subjects. As a result, they can ascertain their position as thought leaders. Pew reports that LinkedIn is used by 44% of Americans earning $75,000 or more. This comes to prove its high adoption among highly educated and high-income professionals. If you’re using LinkedIn, you should keep in mind that its biggest segment belongs to 35-44 year olds (22%) whereas 25-34 come second (21%) and 45-54 year olds come third (18%).

How to Find New Customers Using LinkedIn

If you want to become a success on LinkedIn, i.e. win more customers, the following tips will definitely help.

  • Make Your Customers Find You – Optimize your profile for the keywords you want to be associated with during users’ search. For instance, if you’re a commercial insurance agent, add ‘commercial insurance’ and related terms to your profile. Only then can your profile pop up in LinkedIn search results.
  • Get Introduced by Existing Clients – LinkedIn is business-oriented, so use customer referrals to get your foot in the door. You can visit your contact’s own list of contacts for prospects and learn more about the latter. Then, you can ask your mutual ‘friend’ to introduce you via the platform before you initiate a face-to-face meeting.
  • Get Involved in LinkedIn Groups – As most of LinkedIn’s users are B2B members, they’re bound to be on LinkedIn groups. Regardless of your industry, you can find a group where you can share content and information that attracts your clients. Better yet, answer questions to showcase your thought leadership and win more people over.
  • Invest in InMail – Don’t shy from contacting your customers, especially if you know that you have the product or service they need. Invest in LinkedIn’s premium service InMails to connect with higher-level prospects. That way, your messages will be rerouted to your prospects’ personal email addresses, ensuring higher chances of you receiving a reply. However, remember to draft a very effective message to win them over.

How to Nurture and Engage Customers on LinkedIn

Finding clients on LinkedIn is definitely harder than engaging them. However, don’t take this step lightly, especially since the following tips require a lot of your time and effort.

  • Put on Your Journalist Cap – When posting content, make sure that it comes with concise intros and snappy headlines. These will ensure higher engagement, especially since this extra bit of content indicates why your audience should care about what you posted.
  • Optimize Your Posts for Mobile – Keep your posts brief, fewer than 200 character, to optimize them for mobile. You should also do the same for your landing pages to capture more leads. Just remember to keep the number of form fields which need to be filled to a minimum. That way, you won’t annoy your leads or chase them away.
  • Share Others’ Updates with Your Network and Give Them Credit – If you come across great articles in your feed, share it with your network and acknowledge their authors. This will make your clients loyal to your brand by showing how much you care.
  • Wish Contacts on their Birthdays – LinkedIn will remind you on the day a contact celebrates their birthday. You can consider this a great way to put your way through the door and initiate a conversation. Just make sure to have multiple birthday messages if you don’t want to write new ones every time. Personalize each accordingly to make it seem as if it’s from the heart.

With your customers available through social media, you shouldn’t think twice before using this channel to get to them. So remember the information above to ensure your success both online and offline. We also wrote other tips on how to find customers on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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