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Why Non-Profits Should Be Using Landing Pages to Increase Campaign Effectiveness


Let’s discuss the power of landing pages for non-profits. Even though landing pages have been proven over and over again to be one of the most effective marketing tools, a surprisingly low number of non-profits are aware of how dramatically having a landing page can change their campaign results! A landing page is, as the name suggests, a page upon which visitors ‘’land’’. One could argue that visitors also ‘’land’’ on regular websites, but the main difference between landing pages and normal websites is that landing pages are in a sense standalone and mostly self-sufficient, designed with various very specific purposes in mind. In this article we’ll go through 5 benefits for using unique landing pages for your campaigns. Let’s then explore why non-profits should be using landing pages to increase campaign effectiveness below.



1) Higher Conversion Rates

You conversion rate refers to how well your page succeeds in transforming visitors to your page from merely browsing to actually buying your products, or, in  the case for non-profits, donating to your cause. This is the main goal of your landing pages, and one of the easiest and most efficient ways of increasing your conversion rates is having a clearly defined target audience. After analyzing your ideal visitor in detail, you’ll be able to fine-tune the content on your landing pages and drastically improve conversion rates of specific audience segments.

2) Building a Database

Landing pages allow you to funnel visitors through a newsletter signup process, so even if the interaction doesn’t result in a donation, you still get their contact details, which enable you to follow up with them, engaging with them with the aim of ultimately converting them to a donor. Analyzing the data from your landing pages also enables you to build a clear profile of the kind of visitor your landing pages attract, what time of the day they do so, how long they stay on the page and so forth. For more information on how to tailor your Google AdWords campaigns to be time-specific, click here.

3) The Easiest Way of Experimenting with SEO

Another benefit of landing pages which is commonly overlooked is that by creating specific landing pages to different target audiences, you have a unique opportunity to analyze how your search engine optimization efforts fare across different audiences. This would be very difficult to do properly from your homepage, and is something you should keep in mind when designing your landing pages. Don’t be afraid of experimenting a bit here, sometimes you will discover surprisingly high conversion rates from strange keywords that you wouldn’t have included on your homepage. 

4) Unmatched ROI

Landing pages are a great marketing tool for the budget-conscious, and are practically unmatched in terms of ROI. You can set up a landing page and a Google AdWords campaign for a fraction of the price of traditional marketing methods, and the ROI can be truly phenomenal. If you then look at the benefits of the data you’ll be collecting in the process as well, and what that can be used for in terms of your Inbound Marketing strategy, there simply is no reason  not to have one, or even better, several landing pages for your non-profit! 

5) You Remove Distractions

Chances are that your primary website is filled with all sorts of valuable information and content, which doesn’t necessarily lead to a donation. This is obviously not ideal, but of course you need an online home filled with information and content, which isn’t aimed specifically at getting a donation. Your landing page, on the other hand, is completely dedicated to having a high conversion rate, which means you can cut out all information which won’t make a difference in terms of conversion rates. The best landing pages are surprisingly simple, and are designed with readability, ease of use, and SEO in mind from the get-go. 



There are very few, if any, reasons not to have one or more landing pages. Using landing pages can significantly increase your conversion rates, allow you to gather unprecedented data about your visitors, provide for a safe way of experimenting with SEO, and do all this in a very budget-friendly way. In my book you can never have too many landing pages, as the possibilities for capturing data and leads naturally increase with each landing page you set up. Some argue that another great benefit of landing pages is that you can just set them up, and forget about them. This holds true to some extent. However, if you experiment with different layouts, content and SEO, you will most likely get a better result than if you just set them up and never touch them again. 

Take your online marketing efforts one step further. By using landing pages in conjunction with a solid Inbound Marketing strategy you’ll be setting yourself up for long-term success. 

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